EasyBook Property Management System (PMS)

Find out more about our EasyBook PMS, the free 30 day trial, main features, screenshots and pricing
EasyBook is an affordable, reliable and easy to use booking system for accommodation businesses.
The EasyBook Control Centre
EasyBook is used by Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Self Catering Apartments and Cottages, Campsites and Caravan/RV Parks across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Rest of the World.

EasyBook has been in daily use by our customers since 1999, so we know it works!

EasyBook customers range from 5 roomed luxury boutique B&Bs to 500 room college dormitories.  The system helps businesses of all types and sizes to manage their day-to-day booking and guest activities.

EasyBook runs on Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

EasyBook can be run on Apple Mac Desktop and Laptop computers using Parallels or BootCamp (see our Commonly Asked Questions page for more information about doing this).

Why do customers choose EasyBook?

EasyBook is packed with useful features to assist with your daily reception desk, housekeeping and back office accounting duties.

You can quickly add or change booking and guest information, deal with arrivals or departures, check occupancy levels, send emails, letters & bills and create reports.

EasyBook also gives you easy ways to analyse booking and customer trends and run marketing campaigns to increase business.

We've made the system as reliable and easy to operate as possible.  To give you peace of mind we provide a top class help and technical support service.

We provide products and services that make a real difference to the businesses that use them.  A selection of comments about EasyBook from our customers are shown here on the Customer Reviews page.

EasyBook is a very flexible booking system.  Plus, if required we can adapt the software further to meet your needs and offer you a tailored software package.

Screenshots and Features:

The EasyBook Availability Grid Screen
Availability Grid Screen:
Check your available or booked rooms, and create bookings with ease on the Availability Grid Screen.  View booking information at the click of a button.  Enter reminders for important dates using the Daily Messages function.  Check occupancy information and statistics.  View information on screen or print it out with simple to create and understand reports.
The EasyBook Booking Manager Screen
Booking Manager Screen:
Search your bookings database using a wide range of search options (eg. arrivals, residents, departures, booking code, invoice number or guest name).  Retrieve full booking and guest information and make changes to bookings in seconds.  Set accommodation charges, enter deposits and payments against bookings.  Charge additional items such as room service or bar drinks to the guests' room in a couple of clicks.  Print a confirmation letter for a new booking, or a final bill when the guest is checking out easily using pre-set templates (note: you can create as many different templates for letters and bills in the system as you require).
The EasyBook Guest Details Screen
Guest/Company Database:
Guest or company information entered against bookings is automatically saved in the Guest Database.  Search the guest database on any field to locate guest records (eg. surname, town or postcode).  View all previous booking history for guests.  Record special requirements for when guests return in the future to show you care about the service you provide.  Send brochure request or special offer letters to guests using pre-set templates.
The EasyBook Reports Screen
Reports Module:
One of the strongest areas of performance and value in the EasyBook system is the Reports Module.  This includes a comprehensive set of easy to create and easy to understand reports to assist you in the running of your business.  There are over 40 reports that you can use if required.  The main reports supplied are in the areas of; arrivals, residents, departures, housekeeping, availability, new bookings, deposits received, payments received, revenue generated, occupancy statistics, booking type analysis, booking source analysis.  We are continuously improving the EasyBook system, and reports are one of the main areas that customers request new features for, and appreciate when we release updates.

How can EasyBook help my business?

  • Keep track of important booking and guest information.  Record accommodation costs and additional charges, deposits and payments.  See who is arriving, staying, departing and who owes you money, quickly on screen or printed on easy to understand reports.

  • Send emails to guests to save on your postage costs and your time.  Use templates to create automatically filled-in emails with booking and guest information ready to send at the press of a button.

  • Print professional confirmation letters, bills/invoices and address labels quickly and easily.  Include your logo on all printed documents to improve your image and reduce stationary costs.  Use our ready made sample templates, or create your own to your exact requirements as required.

  • Generate easy to understand reports quickly.  See important daily, weekly and monthly activities and how your business is performing.  Identify areas for improvement or areas where savings can be made.

  • Create targeted mailing letters or emails to inform people of special offers and generate repeat business using the Marketing Manager.

  • Multi-User ready at no extra cost.  Run EasyBook on more than one computer on your local network (LAN) without having to purchase additional licences.

  • Customise the colours of screens in the EasyBook system to match your personal preference or company branding.

  • Protect and/or Prevent access to your important booking, guest and financial information in the EasyBook system using Workgroups/Permissions, Users and Passwords.

How much does a licence for EasyBook cost?

The price is based on the number of rooms/units that you operate, and whether you choose to renew your licence every 12 months, or buy a "one-off" licence that runs forever.

Check EasyBook PMS prices and buy products or services securely right now using the information on this page.

If you don't want to buy securely online, please Contact Us directly to place your order.  We accept payment by debit/credit card over the telephone, or bank transfer (BACS/IBAN), or PayPal invoice.  We can send an invoice to you by email in advance of payment if required.

Ordering products or services for the EasyBook PMS by telephone/electronically indicates that you have read and agree to the terms on our Sales Policy page.

Prices are displayed below in £ (Pounds Sterling).  If you are located outside the United Kingdom you can use the Universal Currency Converter (www.xe.com/ucc) to check the equivalent price in your local currency.
EasyBook Property Management System - Sales Ordering Page image

PayPal Acceptance Mark

"12 Month Renewal" licence:

A 12 month renewal licence is cheaper at the initial point of purchase, and includes continuous free access to our EasyBook Help & Support Service inc. Free Updates (RRP: £119 per year) whilst active.  When the licence is due to expire you can renew it easily to continue using the system.

  • Licence requires renewal every 12 months.
  • Includes continuous EasyBook Help & Support Service cover and Free Updates.

Up to 10

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11 to 20

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21 to 30

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31 to 40

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41 or More

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"Outright Purchase" licence:

An outright purchase licence never expires.  You own the licence, and do not need to renew it every 12 months.  You pay more at the initial point of purchase, but it is cheaper in the long run.  As part of the initial purchase price you receive 1st year EasyBook Help & Support Service inc. Free Updates (RRP: £119 per year) free of charge.  After the 1st year this must be bought separately to continue to receive our assistance with EasyBook and free updates to the system when they are released.

  • Licence does not expire. You own the licence forever.
  • * Includes 1st Year Help & Support Service cover and Free Updates (RRP: £119 per year) free of charge as part of initial purchase.
  • The EasyBook Help & Support Service inc. Free Updates (RRP: £119 per year) must be bought separately after the 1st Year to continue to receive assistance with the system and free updates when they are released.
  • Cheaper in the long run than renewing every 12 months.

Up to 10

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11 to 20

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21 to 30

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31 to 40

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41 or More

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How do I buy a licence for EasyBook?

You can buy a registered licence for the EasyBook PMS using the secure PayPal buttons above.

If you do not want to buy securely online, you can Contact Us directly to place your order for a registered licence.  We accept payment by debit/credit card over the telephone, or bank transfer (BACS/IBAN), or PayPal invoice.  We can send an invoice to you by email in advance of payment if required.

We also have a traditional "Order Form" that you can download, complete, and send back to us to place your order.  There are 3 versions depending on your best choice;

1) Download the Microsoft Word 2000 (.doc) version > easybook-order-form.doc

2) Download the Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) version > easybook-order-form.docx

3) Download the PDF (.pdf) version > easybook-order-form.pdf

Complete the order form, scan it and email it to us at info@easybookonline.com, or post it to us at: EasyBook Business Solutions Limited, 4 Croft Place, Temple Sowerby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1RT, United Kingdom.

Payment options are shown on the order form.  Please DO NOT type or write debit/credit card details on the order form and email or post it to us.  To pay by debit/credit card, either use the PayPal buttons above to place your order securely online, or telephone us on UK (0) 1253 714555 and we will process your payment securely.

Ordering a registered licence for the EasyBook PMS by telephone/electronically indicates that you have read and agree to the terms on our Sales Policy page.

How do I receive my licence for EasyBook?

Once your order is processed and payment is received we create your EasyBook registered licence and send it by email with simple instructions for updating.  You do not lose any of the information that you have entered during the free trial when updating your licence.  We can assist with the licence update process if required.

Charity, Voluntary and Community (Non-Profit) Organisation Special Pricing

We offer special pricing for registered charities and "not for profit" organisations. If you own or run an accommodation centre or shelter and are looking for a booking system to help manage your resources, please see our information page for Charity, Voluntary and Community (Non-Profit) Organisations.

EasyBook "Adapt" Update For Existing Customers

There is an update available for EasyBook Version 3 or Version 4 customers that want to upgrade to the new "Adapt" (V5) version. Existing customers with our Help & Support Service receive this update free of charge.  Use the following link to view or download the EasyBook "Adapt" Upgrade information sheet.  Contact us for more information about getting upgrades for EasyBook.

See this page for a list of our EasyBook Products & Services.