EasyBook Agents and Resellers

How we work with individuals & businesses to promote EasyBook
A substantial portion of our business comes from recommendation and word-of-mouth.  We appreciate that most often people buy from people, not websites or adverts.

Quite often individuals will 'spread the word' about a product or service they use and are really happy with.  We believe that EasyBook is such a product.

It grabs attention because it helps people & businesses to function more efficiently & effectively, it is simple to use and understand, and is also a solid and reliable piece of software.  When questions or problems arise we always try to deal with them in a friendly and straightforward way.

People like to know they are valued as customers, and their loyalty is rewarded in return.  This is what EasyBook has been built on, first as a product, and then as a business.

With this in mind we look to reward the efforts of people and organisations who recommend or resell our products and services.


An 'agent' would normally be an individual, but could be a business.  A number of our existing customers act as agents by recommending the EasyBook system to other business people they know through the trade, through family relations, or through tourist associations they may be members of.  A related business, such as a local computer shop, or independant IT specialist that deals with hotels or guest houses may also be well placed to act as an agent due to their knowledge and specialism with computers and tourism type businesses.

Agents may choose to show potential customers a 'demo' of the system by inviting them along to see it in action at their business, or perhaps may help them to download and install the free trial, set it up and show them the basics on their own computer.  They may just simply discuss EasyBook with them and point them in the direcion of our website.

We offer agents a percentage based 'finders fee' on sales of EasyBook products and services as a result of their direct recommendation.  This rate is competitive and will increase over time based on sales generated by the agent.

Once a sale is completed we send payment to the agent by cheque, bank transfer (BACS/IBAN) or PayPal payment.  It is important that the agent makes clear to the interested party that we must be informed of their involvement or recommendation prior to purchase in order for them to receive the 'finders fee'.

If you are an existing EasyBook customer, individual or related business that is interested in acting as an agent for EasyBook products and services please get in touch using the Contact Us page and mention 'Agent' in your enquiry.


A 'reseller' would normally be a related business such as a computer systems supplier, local computer shop, or independant IT specialist dealing directly with accommodation type businesses.  They may actively deal with hotels, motels and guest houses to build or supply hardware and software.  A reseller differs from an agent in that they purchase products and services from us 'at discount' and supply directly to the customer.  They may also provide complimentary services such as ongoing computer hardware supply and maintenance and end-user training.

Upon agreement, resellers may advertise that they are 'approved' suppliers of EasyBook products and services on their website and/or promotional materials.  They may choose to 'demo' the system by visiting the potential customer at their place of business.  They may assist with download and setup of the system, show managers and staff how to use the system, and provide first point of contact for help and support on terms agreed with the customer.  Resellers would normally provide a more 'active' role in the supply and ongoing support of the EasyBook system, but may just simply supply the software and leave the standard support to us once purchase and delivery is complete.

We offer resellers a 'pre-negotiated' and highly competitive discount on sales of EasyBook products and services.  Resellers in turn would normally pass on a portion of this discount to the customer to make buying from them worthwhile, ie. cheaper than our regular retail pricing (RRP).

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for EasyBook products and services please get in touch using the Contact Us page and mention 'Reseller' in your enquiry.