EasyBook Charity, Voluntary & Community Pricing

We offer special pricing for Charity, Voluntary and Community (Non-Profit) Organisations
EasyBook is a flexible and adaptable system, therefore we don't just supply to Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses and B&Bs.

Over the years a number of organisations that provide accommodation services, such as homeless shelters, childrens centres and religious retreat centres, have purchased EasyBook to help run their facilities.

These type of facilities are quite often charity funded and run by, or with the assistance of, volunteers.  We appreciate that often funds are tight, and that the people that manage and run them are contributing their hard work for little or no financial reward.

As a committment to support charity & "not for profit" organisations we have agreed to offer a substantial discount to officially recognised charity, voluntary and community support organisations.

We agree to supply EasyBook products and services at 20% discount on our standard (RRP) prices to registered charity, community, voluntary and "not for profit" organisations.

Please note that we require confirmation of status prior to sale to ensure that the request is genuine.  This can be in the form of a "registered charity number" or equivalent identification for the type of organisation.

How to apply for charity or "not for profit" organisation discount:

To receive this 20% discount for your charity, voluntary or community organisation, please contact us prior to ordering and provide confirmation of status.  We will then confirm the sale price including the discount amount you are entitled to receive under this scheme.

If you need more information about discounts for charity or "not for profit" organisations please get in touch using the Contact Us page and mention 'charity or "not for profit" organisation discount' in your enquiry.