EasyBook Sales Policy

Our policy for orders, sales, delivery, renewals and returns/refunds

Effective Date: December 1st, 2009
Last Updated: May 23, 2018
Document Name: easybook-sales-policy.html
Document Version: 1.1

IMPORTANT: This page lists our policies and procedures relating to sales of EasyBook products and services. You should also read our Terms & Conditions page for important terms relating to purchases, pricing, cancellations, refunds, liability and disclaimer.

Below are our terms for the sale of EasyBook digital products and services.  By purchasing digital products and services from us through our Secure Online Ordering and Payment pages, or by telephone/electronic order, you are agreeing to these terms of sale.

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) of registered licences for EasyBook:

We deliver software licences for the EasyBook Property Management System (PMS) electronically.  Upon processing of your order we will create your registered licence for EasyBook and send it to you by email along with your registration key and instructions for updating the licence.

You should have already installed the EasyBook FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to get the system onto your computer(s) and used this evaluation period to review its' suitability for your usage. If you require assistance with installation or registering your software licence we can assist with this simple process by email, telephone and/or remote access software.

Purchase of digital products and/or services:

We offer a number of payment options for you to purchase our digital products and services.

You can place your order securely through the secure ordering pages on this website.

These secure ordering pages allow you to use Stripe or PayPal to place your order and pay by debit or credit card.  We accept the following card payment types: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, Mastercard Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro and JCB.

You can also choose to pay for goods and/or services directly with us by debit/credit card or Bank Transfer (BACS/IBAN).  In this case you can either choose to contact us directly with this information or request that we contact you to gather this information by telephone, whereupon it will be handled securely at our offices.

When submitting your order through our secure ordering pages you will be requested to submit important information relating to the purchase, such as your name and contact email address/telephone number.  Wherever possible we will proceed with your order with the information submitted at this stage.  In any case where more information is needed to confirm or complete your order (eg. business details for your registered licence) we will contact you by email or telephone to gather such information so that we can complete the processing of your order.

Receipt of payment:

Receipt of payment will be issued following the purchase or renewal of a digital product or service.

Delivery of digital products and/or services:

Delivery for digital products (eg. a registered licence file) will be made by email using the contact information you have supplied.  We can also assist with digital product registration/activation by pre-arranged remote access software session if required.

Delivery of services (eg. help and support service) will be confirmed electronically with a document of entitlement, and service (eg. technical support and assistance) will be provided as required based on our terms for that service (eg. by email, telephone or remote access software during normal office hours – or outside normal office hours by prior arrangement).

If a physical copy of a digital product (eg. a cdrom containing a registered licence file) is required this can be arranged directly with us prior to or following purchase, there may be a small fee associated with the creation and delivery of such an item, this will be discussed and agreed at the time.

Renewal of products and/or services:

Where a digital product or service is based on a period of validity (eg. a "12 Month Renewal" registered licence), we agree to provide that digital product or service from the date of supply until the date of expiry.  Upon the date of expiry we will provide renewal of that product or service following valid receipt of payment for the subsequent renewal period.  We will normally contact you in advance of the due renewal date of a digital product or service to offer renewal options.

Cancellation, Returns and Refunds:

Where a customer wishes to cancel an order prior to payment being received by ourselves and any digital product or service being delivered we agree to cancellation of the order without issue.

Where a customer wishes to cancel an order after we have received payment, but prior to any digital product or service being delivered, we agree to cancellation of the order without issue and refund of payment received.

We consider a digital product to have been "delivered" when it has been sent either by email or by electronic transfer using remote access software.

We consider a service to have been "delivered" upon access to the service having been provisioned (eg. an email sent to the customer confirming purchase of the EasyBook Help & Support Service).

Where a digital product or service has been delivered following purchase, we agree to assist reasonably in the successful installation and setting up of that digtal product and/or service.

Where a customer wishes to return a digital product or cancel a service once payment has been received and goods delivered under the terms above, we agree to investigate the issue and aim to resolve amicably to the satisfaction of both parties.


Refund of payment received for orders for digital products and/or services will only be given at the discretion of the management of EasyBook Business Solutions Limited under the terms stated above.

If you have any questions or queries about order cancellations, returns or refunds, please use the Contact Us page on this website.

Your Statutory Rights:

The terms set out above do not affect your statutory rights.